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Workshops and Retreats.

When we gather in waananga we sit, we share and we learn from each other.


Te Arateatea Whare Waananga shares a number of teachings directly handed down from Papa Joe to Ruatau and these that have been crafted and adapted to ensure an interactive and stimulating workshop whether it be 1 day, a weekend or a week long retreat.

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Māori esoteric knowledge has been held sacred for thousands of years. Our ancestors foresaw the changes to the land and their people that would unfold, so they safeguarded our mātauranga -our ancient knowledge and philosophies. Now is the time for more of these sacred teachings to be heard and shared. It is time for the wisdom of our Tupuna to empower us to heal and remember who we truely are.  

Whare Wananga LORE governs all, and right throughout the world many indigenous peoples remember and live by the LOREs of nature, as they know the symbiotic relationship between everything. Our ancient Māori philosophies invigorate and stimulate our mauri and wairua into a states of awareness and deeper consciousness. They speak of our deep connections to Papatūānuku and Ranginui/earth mother and sky father. Whare Wananga Lore recognises cause and effect and the symbiotic nature that harmonises and restores balance. The quantum fields of Ngao/energy and Ihirangranga/vibration that shake and shape our realities.

Examples of what we offer

We offer a number of workshops and retreats in Õtautahi, across Aotearoa and in Europe throughout the year. Below are examples of what we offer, dates for when these will run will be shared on our Facebook page


Levels 1-4 Mirimiri and Romiromi

Principals, Philosophies and Bodywork series.

3 Hearts Retreats

Annual 10 day Retreat offering the principals of understanding our Puumanawa, Manawa and whatumanawa with life changing connections to heartspace. 


A waananga around understanding these from a Te Ao Maori perspective. These are tailored to either social service/health practitioners working with patients/clients or for experiencing/suffering these conditions. 

Haputanga and fertility

Preconception and Pregnancy massage and Oriori

Rongoaa aa Wairua

Tikanga and kawa around rongoaa, the taha wairua of Rongoaa.

Corporate Hauora

A Te Ao Maori perspective of wellbeing. Understanding energy, keeping yourself safe at mahi and balancing of mauri.  

We often tailor waananga for different kaupapa around the country -  so please get in touch if you would like us to create something for you and your group or organisation.

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