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Within our philosophies all pain and dis-ease felt within the body has whakapapa, so we work to treat the catalyst to assist with long term recovery and intergenerational healing. 

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Erklären Sie, wie/warum es von Vorteil ist, für wen es von Vorteil ist und was zu erwarten ist. 


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Mirimiri being the tuakana - an energetic form of healing, which can be delivered in numerous forms; Korero/counselling, Waiata, Takutaku, Karakia, Taonga Puoro, breathwork, connection to wairua and Tupuna/ancestors, energetic and vibrational stimulation and shifts. Mirimiri is the non physical aspect and is the energetic alchemy that happens before the physical touch of Romiromi.

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Romiromi is the physical aspect that is used to re-align, re-adjust, the physical body. Using our hands/arms/elbow, kohatu/stone or raakau/sticks to stimulate haemata and haematua which are accupressure and acupuncture points to shift and relieve aches, pains and traumas trapped within the body. 

Private Treatments

A one off session, will uplift your energy and wairua. However for long term pain, illness and mamae a series of treatments may be required to shift and clear through the layers of trauma housed within your hinengaro/mind and Tinana/body. 

1 hour private treatment is $125

For children/youth/kaumatua please contact us.

Unser Haputanga-Angebot

During your session you will remained fully clothed. We use a kaupare and a spray of wai-tai for spiritual protection. You will be encouraged to use your breath to assist in allowing blocked energies to flow. For some there will be an emotional release, and we will korero/discuss with you when and as things come up during your session.


Afterwards you are encouraged to take sometime in nature, rest and honour the shifts you are going through. Drink lots of water and you may continue to feel the affects over the coming days as your body recalibrate and re-adjusts to the shifts that happened.


We are an ACC vendor if you would like Rongoaa Maori as part of your rehabilitation plan, be it injury or sensitive claim contact ACC 0800 101 996 or and quote or Vendor number VBD612 to request Ruatau as your practitioner.

In Kontakt kommen

Wenn Sie mehr erfahren oder einen Termin für ein Treffen mit Amellia vereinbaren möchten, geben Sie bitte unten Ihre Daten ein und wir werden uns bei Ihnen melden. 

Oder wenn Sie uns lieber anrufen möchten, tun Sie dies bitte weiter022 369 6761

Wir werden uns bald mit Ihnen in Verbindung setzen.

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